Do You Want to Leave Your Child's College Education to Chance?
We put the power of your Child's Future College Experience in the hands of you, the parent. 
We make it very simple and affordable to have the essential tools to speak, negotiate, and decide upon the best College Choice for your High School student.  To put simply, we help you "Get College Right"
Gain the Edge on Fellow "Student-Families" and "Colleges" - 
The Easy Way
Visiting colleges and going to sports showcases every weekend doesn't mean you are actually gaining an advantage, but in reality you may just be wasting time!  We give you the tools with an executable plan to make yourself known to Colleges and gain leverage in a $498 Billion Dollar Industry! 
Use our 3 Pillar Approach to College Success.
Win Admissions.
Save Thousands.
Play College Sports
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Learn the ideas and knowledge that have gone into our extensive programs on "Get College Right" from our 15 years in the business as CollegeLogic.  We streamline the process to make the College Process simple and easy for you.

Is getting "College Right" for your child worth a few extra minutes of your time?  How about saving "Thousands on College Costs"?
Hans Hanson, 
Owner of CollegeLogic & Get College Right
"Mikey applied to Emory, ED, last night, and to Binghamton the night before. I feel a huge sense of relief that this is done. No matter the outcome, you (Hans) have been a life saver, a valuable mentor and an all-around good guy throughout this process. "
Elizabeth Donoghue
Parent of 2018 Grad
So How Do We Make It Easy to Get College Right?
Affordable Online Program
Templates & Scripts
Extensive Advising Programs
First: Get your "College Toolbox"
Your College Gameplans 
w/ accompanying videos
  • Winning Admissions
  • Saving College Costs
  • College Recruiting
Exclusive eBooks & 
College Tutorials
How to...
  •  Write a College Essay
  • Get College Right
  •  Create a Personal Marketing Package for Students
  •  Create a Personal Marketing Package for Athletes
Detailed Guides on the College Process
  •  College Information & Eval.
  •  10 Indicators for Success
  •  Test Your CollegeLogic
  •  Must Questions to Ask on a  College Visit
  •  50 Q's to Ask a Coach
College Templates & Contact Scripts
  • Intro Email & Call Scripts to College Admissions
  • Student Profile Template
  •  Intro Email & Call Scripts to College Coaches
  •  Student-Athlete Profile Template
Includes: Our College Bookshelf
Workbook: "The Ultimate Guide to Winning College Admissions and Saving on College Costs"  
Plus Bonus: "Dissecting the Big Business of College"
Workbook: "The Ultimate Guide to Being Recruited and Playing College Sports"  
Plus Bonus: "The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports"
Bonus: College Recruiting Formula!
The College Recruiting Formula is the foundational knowledge that every parent of a high school student must have, presented to you in a step-by-step e-course.  We teach you how to start the recruiting process plus how to handle special events such as Showcases, Coaches Meetings, Applications and other important events unique to Athletes.
Step 2:  Get Your College List & Timeline
Having a college list creates the foundation from which you can be proactive in your college search. Absent of one leaves you to guesswork and leaves your child’s college to chance.

Why don’t more people have a college list? One, because they don’t know the college landscape. Two, it’s easier to rely on electronically-created lists. But those lists can’t possibly consider all the factors that go into college success and desired outcomes. However, we can. 

In our closely personalized approach, we can quickly build a college list that matches your child’s qualifications and interests along with considering your interests and needs. Now that’s being proactive and not leaving college to chance.

This is how we do it. We begin with a one hour family Skype call. From there, we construct a personalized college list for you, complete with vital information such as,
  •  GPA and SAT/ ACT standards for admissions along with a match-analysis of the student
  •  % need-met for financial aid along with the average financial aid award
  •  % merit-met for scholarships along with the average scholarship award
  •  Freshmen drop-out rate (national average is 20%)
  •  4-year graduation rate (national average is 40%)
  •  Application dates along with certain admission requirements
  •  Application acceptance rates
  •  Enrollment conversion rates
Now you know how each college conducts its business and what drives their decisions. We put you in the driver’s seat. We pull this together and send it to you within 72 hours of our initial call.
As a bonus, we also provide you with a customized college timeline indicating all the key activities and dates of the college process. Now you know what to do and when to do it.

We then schedule a brief review call to answer your questions. And you’re on your way. Now that’s service!  

Here’s the cold-hard truth: the number one concern of families is attending the wrong college. The single biggest cost mistake is attending the wrong college. But this doesn’t have to be your story. With some CollegeLogic and strategic planning, you can get it right.
For those who want to work from a foundation of knowledge and be proactively involved with a strategic plan, then this is perfect. It will quickly move you to the point of understanding the college landscape as it applies to your interests in getting college right for your child, and for your budget.
We offer this to college-bound families who want to 
be sure they are doing things right, 
All for a fee of just $1295 and a one week turn-around!
Step 3: Prefer the Personal Approach?
Then our "Connect with Colleges" Program is for you!
“The magic power everyone has is the power to decide and to act.”
You can’t just hit the submit button and think that’s all you have to do.
You can’t guess your way through this and expect to achieve desired outcomes.
You can’t wait on this unless you enjoy a state of chaos and crisis.
You can’t just be a very good athlete and think college sports is in your future.
The college process for winning admissions, earning scholarships, studying the right degree program, saving college costs, and for athletes, playing college sports, all takes diligent work, knowledge, involvement, engagement, and a strategic plan. College is a purchasing decision that needs to be taken seriously, like buying a house. It rightfully requires being knowledgeable of the process and effective as a parent. Being a “Stealth Applicant” and “Uninformed Parent” is neither a working plan nor effective strategy. In fact, it’s a weak approach that’s all too typical. It’s a prescription for application denials, lesser scholarships, and compromised outcomes. And colleges take advantage of this!

Being known to admissions well in advance of submitting applications is your ticket to higher acceptance rates and larger scholarships. Being known to college coaches is your ticket to being evaluated and playing college sports. Knowing how the college does its business is your ticket for saving thousands on college costs. Your success depends on what you know and what actions you take.

We know it’s overwhelming and that college costs are of huge concern. We’ve solved the hard part for you. We have a detailed “road map” and guide ready for you to follow. We get you on course and provide the GPS for effectively navigating the path to the finish line—College.

In our comprehensive, step-by-step program for Connecting with Colleges, your child will become known to the colleges of their interest and the key decision-makers. You will have a defined plan for visiting colleges. Your child will connect with college decision-makers in a meaningful way beyond casual emails, college tours, and camp invitations. You will learn the business of college. 

Connect with Colleges offers two choices. One is our standard process for connecting with colleges in a meaningful way, making quality college visits, meeting key decision-makers, developing a college study plan, and building relationships. We call this our Plan A. 

Our Plan A+ kicks it up a serious notch. We utilize our tools and methods to build advantages for students with colleges. We have special services to help students create their unique identity and build a brand. We coach students on how to express their vision for the future and plan to be part of the resolve. It all begins with developing a Personal Statement and it includes building a Blog Site. This is how students differentiate themselves from others who have the same credentials otherwise. 

Both plans are a natural follow-up from our Phase 1. Lift Off program. They begin with creating your child’s personal marketing package and then proceed as described in our “road map” that follows based on the choice you make. 

Connect with Colleges is designed to deliver an effective plan for visiting colleges, meeting key decision-makers, extending your college knowledge, fortifying your strategy, creating your advantages, and strengthening your position leading up to the Admissions Phase. We provide the resources and strategy, the steps and timeline, the essential information and necessary tools, for making it happen.

Here’s the cold-hard truth: people don’t even know how to visit colleges. They think it’s all about taking a college tour while listening to an information session (the college sales & marketing team at work) that pitches their product to you for your buy-in; which you will likely do unless you know better.

This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with our Founder and National College Expert, Hans Hanson.

He is the author of multiple books including "Dissecting the Big Business of College", "The Ultimate Guide to Winning Admissions & Saving on College Costs" and "The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom & Dad Must Know"
With this program, you will know better, leaving guesswork to others. It comes to you for a fee of

$3,500 for Plan A; or $5,000 for Plan A+, (both good for up to one year).

Welcome to the advanced tools and methods of CollegeLogic.
* You have full and continuous access to our College Toolbox along with other educational resources

* One essential requirement- please create a Skype account as we plan calls over Skype
A Special Thanks...
"A true friend and mentor. I went from average HS Player to Captain of Division 1 team."
CJ Lukaszewski
"Hey Hans this is me and John today! Thank you so much for your help over the years, we would not have gotten here without you!!!"
John heading to Berklee College, 
Cristina heading to Boston College
"Hans is a great friend even today. He helped me succeed as a two sport athlete (a starter in both!)."
Steve Tedesco
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